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CI 소개

CI Introduction

The logo of MOBE Partners Co., Ltd. is composed of the watermark which is the strength of reliability, stability and readability. In order to increase the value of real estate assets through strategic management, we used Burgundy color, which symbolizes enthusiasm and premium for O that connects management and value. In addition, Burgundy represents an organic and professional service of a sectoral expert network.

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Minimum Size

CI with Sub Colors

Color System

Primary Colors
Secondary Colors
Pantone 187C

CMYK 40/100/91/5

RGB 172/31/45

HEX #910016

Pantone Black 6C
Pantone 285C

CMYK 0/0/0/100

RGB 35/31/32

HEX #000000

CMYK 85/53/0/0

RGB 35/114/185

HEX #2372B9

Pantone 144C

CMYK 5/57/94/0

RGB 234/133/46


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